The first 2015 main WSX event is over and brought some changes to the WSX World Ranking! 

The first 5 places of the Men's Ranking are owned by French skaters. Anthony Avella keeps his World Number One title! Kevin Quintin won one position and went up to the second place. Flavien Du Peloux, after his second place in Switzerland, improved his rank from 32nd to 3rd. The winner of the WSX Switzerland, Yohan Fort, is now on the 4th position. Vincen Guichard completes the top 5. Two Spanish riders, Jonathan Santos and Alejandro Rahali are on the 6th and 7th places respectively. Leandre Mage from France did great and climbed up to the 8th rank. Switzerland skater Jim De Paoli is taking the 9th position and Maxence Clusaz (Fra) entered in the TOP-10.

In the Women's category, 5 French skaters lead the ranking. Mathilde Monneron stays unbeaten and keeps her 1st place. Aurore Costabile climbed up from the 5th place to the second place. Auriane Daries is now third. Jessica Billard, did great to get the 4th rank. Elisabeth Duchemin is up to the 5th position. Three Italian riders, Alice Delfino, Barbara Codazzi and Claudia Massara performed well in Switzerland and entered the Ranking at the 6th, 7th and 8th places respectively. Charline Marilier (Fra) is 9th now and Franscesca Brivio from Italy is closing the TOP-10.

In the unofficial Team Cross ranking, "Tarzans" Team from France with Flavien Du Peloux and Léandre Mage get the first place, Swiss/Austrian "Jim De Lago" Team with Jim De Paoli  and Luca Dallago gets the second position. Third rank goes to French/Algirian Team "UnLapin" represented by Hugo Pellae and Sabri Ali Messaoud.

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RESULTS WSX*** WSX Switzerland (SUI)

Credit : International Roller Contest Lausanne
Credit : International Roller Contest Lausanne
Credit : International Roller Contest Lausanne
Credit : International Roller Contest Lausanne

The first 2015 main event, which was held on August 21st - 23rd, in Lausanne, Switzerland, is over.


Almost 50 skaters from 7 different countries challenged each other during the first three stars event of the year. The newcomers were opposed to the strongest riders in this race and the outcome brought us some highly interesting results!


After his victory in 2014 (WSX Rennes), Yohan Fort (Fra, #114) showed his best result so far and remained unbeaten during the  whole race! He made the best qualification time (31,764 sec) and won all his races to reach the first step of the podium! Another French skater, Flavien Du Peloux (#32), the current Freeride French Champion, improved his last year's result from third place to the second. He won all his races, except the final and showed the third best qualification time (31,995 sec). The Ice Cross Downhill skater and winner of the La Plagne Skate Cross 2013, Jim De Paoli from Switzerland finished at the third place of the podium! Florian Petitcollin (Fra) showed his best result so far, being fourth to cross the finish line.

Women's World Champion of the last two seasons, Mathilde Monneron (Fra, #1) got another victory and won the Skate Cross final. She showed the best result of the qualification (36,418 sec) and was fastest for all her runs. The new blood, Italian Alice Delfino did great to finish on the second place! And another surprise came from Italy: Barbara Codazzi, well known in the Freestyle slalom world, started good her skate cross career right away from the third place of the big final. French skater, Aurore Costabile (#5), who was second last year, showed the second best qualification time (38,714 sec) and finished at the fourth place.

For the Team Cross race, French skaters, Flavien Du Peloux (#32) and Léandre Mage  (#39) got the victory with their “Tarzans” team. Ice Cross Downhill riders, Jim De Paoli (Sui) and Luca Dallago (Aut), team ‘’Jim De Lago’’ were first for the qualification and finished second in the final. French team “Un Lapin” gathered by Hugo Pellae and Sabri Ali Messaoud stepped on the third step of the podium.

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The registration for the WSX*** Lausanne, Switzerland is now open !

The event will be held on August, 21st - 23rd. 

More information here.

WSX Russia is cancelled

We are sad to announce that the WSX Russian Main event, which was supposed to be held on September, 5th to 6th, in Moscow, had to be cancelled by the local organization. We apologize to everyone for the misinformation, but nonetheless ​there will still be an event held in Moscow, from September 4th to 6th : a World Slalom Series 3-cone event, Rollerclub Cup, with disciplines such as Battle, Classic, Speed, Slides and Jumps. Even if the WSX event is cancelled, you can still enjoy the opportunity of this competition ! For more information check the world slalom series website.


The first international event of the year was held on June 13th - 14th, in Barcelona, Spain. 


20 skaters from 6 different countries were invited to this event, to make the first big event of 2015. The competition gathered France’s strongest skaters, World Champion 2013-2014 and Men's world #1 Anthony Avella, Kevin Quintin (Fra, #5), Women's world #1 and double world champion (2013-2014) Mathilde Monneron (Fra) and Costabile Aurore (Fra, #4).


The race was hard, with a very complicated first ramp that the best skaters decided to gap, and the fact that the whole race was downhill didn’t help, as it gave a great deal of speed to the skaters. The fight was tough as well, but the strongest won anyway. 


Double World Champion (2013 - 2014), Anthony Avella (Fra, #1) got his first big victory of the season. He showed the best time in the time trials (30,157), and won all his races to reach the first step of the podium. World # 5, Kevin Quintin (Fra) finished second. Showing the second best qualification time (31,129), he was first of his groups in the third and semi finals and ended up only one step away from the first place. The skatecross newcomer, Danilo Martins from Brazil did a great job, finishing third. He performed the third best qualification time (31,580) and finished at the third place on his very first skatecross. Warren Digne (Fra, #16), who was second at the semi-finals, after the rider Daniel Gomez (Esp) got disqualified for jumping over a bale of straw, ended up fourth.


Women's World Champion of the last two seasons, Mathilde Monneron (Fra, #1) left all her competitors behind and won the skatecross final. She was the fastest at the qualification (33,912) and during all of her runs. World #4, Aurore Costabile (Fra) finished second. After showing the third time at the time trials (38,328), she won the semi-final but could not keep it up for the final and stayed at the second position. Sara Vilella from Spain showed an excellent result for her very first skatecross experience, performing the second time at the qualification (35,763) and ending on the third place of the podium at the final. Alexandra Sukhareva (Rus, #8), who made the fourth best qualification time (38,398), was the last to cross the finish line of the big final and took the fourth place.

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2014 was another outstanding year for skatecross, with events all over the world, and more than 33000km of total distance between the events. We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the last season, we tried to be there when you couldn't, bringing you as much of the events as possible.

Are you ready for the new season ? To warm you up, here is this video to remind us all these incredible events that happened in 2014. 

Our only hope for this year is to be as exciting as the past one !

Stay tuned on, the new season is coming.


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