After 14 steps of the season 2016, here are the new WSX World Championships provisory standings and the new leaders of Men's and Women's categories!


After his victory of the first 2016 WSX main event, French skater Florian Petitcollin is the new provisory leader of the Men's category! Flavien Du Peloux (Fra) is on the second position. Daniel Molinari (Fra) takes the third place. Loann Lacambra (Fra) did great, entering the TOP-10 at the fourth rank. Nathan Riou (Fra) is now 5th. Leandre Mage (Fra) takes the 6th position. French skaters Ruddy Bibi, Hugo Cardinal, Theo Chagnaud and Lucien Hugues are completing the TOP-10 at the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th places respectively. 


Jessica Billard from France is the new provisory leader of the Women's category. The world champion 2014-2015, Mathilde Monneron (Fra) is currently at the third place. Sandrine Rangeon (Fra) did great going directly to the second place. Anna Houssais (Fra) is now at the 4th rank. Alice Delfino from Italy takes the 5th position. Flora Stephan (Fra) is now 6th. Faria Ornella (Fra) and Julia Cardinal (Fra) are at the 7th and 8th places respectively. Charline Marillier (Fra) gets the 9th rank. Veronique Pertoldi (Fra) is now 10th. 


In the Team Cross ranking, "Tarzan" Team from France with Flavien Du Peloux and Léandre Mage takes the first place. "Les Bugs" with Oscar Briex (Fra) and  Charlie Lafenêtre (Fra) is now ranked 2nd. "Nord Sud" represented by Daniel Molinary (Fra) and Warren Digne (Fra) gets the third position. 



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Imagin Extreme Barcelona 2016

Credit : Equipe de France
Credit : Equipe de France
Credit : Equipe de France
Credit : Equipe de France

The first 2016 WSX main event was held on 19th June in Barcelona, Spain. More than 40 strongest skaters from 11 different countries were invited to challenge each other for the first big race of this season. 


French rider Florian Petitcollin was the strongest skater of this event! Showing the best qualification time (33,295 sec), he won all his races and reached the first step of the podium! This is his first big victory and his best result so far! The 2015 Vice-Champion, Flavien Du Peloux showed the second qualification time (33,434 sec) and took the second place. Léandre Mage (Fra) finished at the third place of the podium!


The current world number one, Mathilde Monneron from France confirmed her title of the strongest skater 2015 and got the victory of the women's final! She was the fastest in the qualification (35,761 sec) and won all her runs, including the big final! Italian Alice Delfino continues to improve! She showed the second qualification time (37,966 sec) and finished second! French skater Charline Marillier made her best result so far, showing the third time in the qualification (38,997 sec) and taking the third place of this important event! 


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We are pleased to announce the next 3 stars event which will be held in Barcelona on the 19th June 2016.


Last year was a successfull event and organization is now working on a new track with better ramps. 


1000€ Prize money will be shared between the winners


Please check our registration page here and pre-register asap to get your official invitation for the event.


You'll find last year video and more details...


WARNING => Pre-registration Dead line will be Sunday 22nd end of day, after this date, we may not be able to accept more registrations 

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