WSX 2019 news

The WSX World Championships "road to 2020" will be held on August 15 - 18 in Villablino, Spain. The registration is already open!




Register on the event's website here. 





Age categories that will be applied for this event : 


Junior skaters are born between Jan.1, 2004 and 31st December 2009


Senior skaters are born before 31st December 2003.


Junior sub categories might be added depending on the registrations and schedule. To be announced later.


Junior categories are not eligible for WSX World Champion titles.



Attention, for participation in this competition full face helmet or helmet with chin protection is required, as well as gloves and wrist guards, knee and elbow pads. Shoulder and body protection, back protection, crash pads and shine bone pads are recommended.






Signing up for the bus is possible from

now on (people that signed up before the start of the sign up phase don’t have to sign up again)!


Deadline: 31st of July 


Signing up works as follows: 


Send an email to with the following information 


- amount of people that will travel with you 

- flight schedule (day and exact time as well as terminal) 

- Country 

- Main discipline


Thanks a lot in advance. In case you have and question please send an email to the above mentioned mail address.



Due to the fact that some people did not pay for the transfer last year the organizing club might ask for advance payment this year!


Updates regarding transfer is provided on the  Inline Alpine Facebook profile 


More informations and rules are coming soon.

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Videos from last year's competition. This year, the organisers will keep the same track and add new ramps.

First international victory 2019 for Florian Petitcollin (Fra) and Alice Delfino (Ita)!

2019 WSX international season started with the first two stars event, which was held in French Caen on February 23rd - 24th. All the skaters challenged each other for the first place, doing their best to go till the big final, in 3 races, the French cup, the international WSX and a Dirt cross.

Florian Petitcollin (Fra) who was leading the WSX world cup standings in 2016 and 2017, got his first victory of the season. He was the fastest during the qualifications (17,262 sec) and won all his races, including the big final, repeating his result from WSX Caen 2017! With the second best qualification time (18,010 sec), Maxence Clusaz (Fra) was the fastest during all his runs, except the big final where he finished 2nd. Jules Favre Mercuret (Fra) did his best to go till the final where he crossed the line after Florian and Maxence, taking the third place. Lucien Hugues (Fra) was the fourth of the final race.

F.Petitcollin won also the French cup race and the Dirt Cross race, for a perfect week-end.

The World Champion 2018, Alice Delfino (Ita) showed an excellent result, performing the best qualification time (19,213 sec) and winning all her races, including the big final! Claudia Massara (Ita) went up from the 7th qualification time directly to the second final place! French Emmy Simon and Ornella Faria were fighting for the third position of the big final. Emmy Simon was fastest this time, taking the 3rd place and leaving Ornella Faria on the fourth position. Francesca Conzi (Ita), the best rival of A.Delfino, got he victory in the Dirt Cross, and as well in the French cup, but took only the 5th place in the WSX 2 stars race. 

Vimeo Channel
Vimeo Channel



Villablino (Leòn district) (Esp)
Villablino (Leòn district) (Esp)
Lyon (Fra)
Lyon (Fra)