WSX 2018 news

More information is available about the IIDA-WSX 2018 World Championships !
The promotional magazine is now available describing the event, and all the side competitions that will take place around the IIDA-WSX world championships.

You can already pre-register for the competition by sending an email with your full name, country, email adress, phone number, past results to


Free accomodation can be provided by organisation for the first overseas skaters to register ! Just ask for details at the registration email adress and chack if you/your team are eligible for the free accomodation.

More to come soon !

The registration for Imagin Extrem Barcelona skatecross is open !

Connect here to secure your spot for the competition !


This year, following the wish of the organisation, the format of competition has been changed a bit comparing with last year, the track will be shorter, but with a higher density of obstacles !
Also the competition will be a ONE on ONE duel challenge !

The program of the competition should be available next week. More news coming soon.


WSX new World Championship format from 2018

A new World Championship format will appear starting in 2018 !

Some important evolutions are happening this year in the World Skate Cross Series.

For a better developpment of the sport, and to join other inline skating disciplines in 2019, starting from this year, the World Championships will be held in only one event !

All the other events will be part of the WSX World Cup, and the World Ranking will remain to have a World Cup winner (World n°1) at the end of the year.

To achieve a positive evolution, the World Skate Cross Series will now collaborate with the IIDA (International Inline Downhill Association).



The result of this collaboration will be more events in the near future, and introducing more events in downhill format like we had in the past years (Lausanne, Barcelone, Quebec,...), for additional challenges and excitement for skaters and public.

The first WSX - IIDA Skatecross World Championships, will be held in Italy, Peschiera del Garda, on July 20th to 22nd.



The first WSX World cup event, will be held this year in Barcelona, during Imagin Extreme Barcelona, on June 16th and 17th and on a new format : 1 on 1 races on a shorter downhill track (same as last year) but with more ramps for a higher racing rythm.

The links for registration will be available soon ! Stay tuned !

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