June 2016, Sunday 19th 

Invitational event Imagin Barcelona Extreme, Spain

The spots for the competition are limited, if you wish to compete, please fill the registration form, the selected skaters will be informed by e-mail if their registration has been approved. All skaters who are 16 years old or over can register for the event.


If you are one of the selected skaters, more information will be sent to you by e-mail about the race, place and schedule.


Pre-registration will be open ONLY until Sunday 22nd May 2016, 23h59. all Pre-registration sent after this dead line may not be taken into account. 


Pre-Registration Form : 

Veuillez entrer le code:

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.

2015 Barcelona WSX highlights

2015 Track


More informations about 2016 track coming soon

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