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Alice Delfina & Giorgio Cossaro win the WSX World Cup 2018 !

With a last victory in Lyon's finals, Alice Delfino (Ita), stays unbeaten in 2018, winning 4 Main events out of 4 and after getting her first World Champion title this year, she also win the first WSX World Cup !! The 2017 title holder, Francesca Conzi (Ita), with a 4th place in Barcelona, 2nd place in Peschiera, 3rd place in Villablino and second place in Lyon, finished this season at the second place, in front of french skater Charline Marillier, 3rd.


In the men competition, despite a last victory in Lyon and a victory in Peschiera, Florian Petitcollin (Fra), last years'season's winner finished at the second place, because of his 9th place in Barcelona.
The best this year was Giorgio Cossaro; the Italian won his first WSX World Cup, thanks to his victory in Barcelona, 2nd place in Villablino, 4th place in Peschiera and 5th place in Lyon.
On the 3rd step of the podium, Matteo Pallazzi (Ita) had a very god season as well, with a first victory in Villablino.

The final rankings are available here.

Alice Delfino & Florian Petitcollin win Lyon WSX World Cup final race (Fra) !

Alice Delfino (Ita) did it again for a perfect WSX season ! The 2018 World Champion won the last step of the WSX 2018 season, held in Lyon, France, and stays unbeaten. After getting the fastest time of the qualifications, she crossed the finish line of all her races in first position. Francesca Conzi (Ita) was faster at the first qualification run, but couldn't improve her time in the second time trial, ending at the second place. During the final, the 2017 World Champion took a slowest start than A.Delfino, and could only wait for a mistake from her, which didn't happen. F.Conzi finished the race second followed by Claudia Massara (Ita), 3rd and Charline Marillier (Fra), 4th, who didn't took a very good start and couldn't catch her three Italian competitors.  
With this fourth victory in the same number of world cup main events, A.Delfino won the 2018 WSX World Cup for the first time of her career, after the World Champion title won earlier this year.

Florian Petitcollin (Fra) won the WSX final race for the second consecutive year ! After getting "only" the second best time in the time trials, behind a surprising Luca Borromeo (Ita), he dominated the group races thanks to great starts and perfect technique on the obstacles and in the turns. Luca Borromeo (Ita), who performed the best time of the qualifications for the first time in his young carreer, finally crossed the finish line at the 3rd place, his best result and first podium so far, behind Lorenzo Demuru (Ita), second, who was the most dangerous oponent  for F.Petitcollin during the final this time. L.Demuru, freestyle slalom specialist beated already L.Borromeo in the semi-final and logically repeated his performance in the final. For his first international final, french skater Jules Favre-Mercuret fell very hard after a mistake just before the double wall, a new obstacle built especially for this race, and didn't finish the race. Thanks to his victory, F. Petitcollin reaches the second place of the final World Cup ranking behind G.Cossaro (Ita) who won the small final. This fifth place meant already the victory since he got enough points to win the World Cup.

Full results available here.

Italians Alice Delfino & Matteo Pallazzi win Villablino WSX 3rd World Cup race (ESP)

One more victory for Alice Delfino (Ita) who is performing a perfect season so far ! The World Champion dominated the final in Villablino, Spain, thanks to a great start and a perfect control of her skates and emotions. Francesca Conzi (Ita) who did the best time in the qualifications, did a fatal mistake in a 90° turn, and could still catch the 3rd place, thanks to her experience and the "never give-up" spirit, so important in skate cross races. Mira Börsig (Ger), downhill specialist, did consistant races and took this  good opportunity to take the second place. M.Börsig couldn't rivalise with A.Delfino and her better technique on the ramps, but her sense of trajectory in the chicanes secured a good second place. At the fourth position, a new comer, the German alpine slalom skater Leah Gann, did good races but fell in the final.
With a third victory in a row, A.Delfino is now almost sure to win the 2018 WSX World Cup.

Full results available here.

Matteo Pallazzi (Ita) can celebrate his first victory in a WSX World Cup race ! It was a perfect week-end for him, as he dominated the time trials and the group races, performing great starts and mastering the obstacles. Giorgio Cossaro (Ita) coundn't repeat his victory in Barcelona, but confirmed a very good season, being in all finals so far, thanks to this second place, G.Cossaro is in a perfet position to win the WSX World Cup this year. Spanish skater, Cesar Priego Borrego, has improved his level step by step to reach the 3rd place in the final. With a slow start, but thanks to a perfect technique on the obstacles, he could catch his direct opponent for the podium, the german alpine slalom world champion, Marco Walz. M.Walz, for his first skatecross race, has been dangerous and was improving race by race, but did some technical mistakes on the obstacles which slowed him down. No doubt that he will be a man to follow in the next year's races.

Full results available here.

Florian Petitcollin (Fra) and Alice Delfino (Ita), 2018 Skate-Cross World Champions !!

Florian Petitcollin (Fra) and Alice Delfino (Ita), are the new 2018 WSX-IIDA Skate Cross World Champions !


About 60 skaters coming from 15 countries took part in the whole event.
Due to the bad weather conditions, the qualifications were cancelled, adding some stress to the skaters who didn't know who were the most dangerous skaters, this event mixing downhill skaters and Skate-cross specialists.

Starting directly with the 4 skaters heats, on a challenging downhill track, finishing in the city center of Peschiera Del Garda, the skaters had to focus on their skating and had no right to do any mistake.
In the men category, Yohan Fort (Fra) (WSX World Champion 2015), Christian Montavon (Sui) (IIDA Downhill World Champion 2014), Florian Petitcollin (Fra) (WSX World Champion 2016 & 2017), and Giorgio Cossaro (Ita) (Winner of WSX Barcelona 2018) qualified for the big final.
With a great start, Y.Fort lead half of the race, but F.Petitcollin overtook him just before the last straight and kept the lead until the end. C.Montavon, the most experienced skater of the final, couldn't fight with the 2 first skaters and fought hard to keep contact, and finally overtook G.Cossaro just before the last turn, to finish on the third step of the podium.

In the women race, the final race was opposing, Francesca Conzi (Ita) (2017 World Champion), Alice Delfino (Ita) (2017 Vice-World Champion), Claudia Massara (Ita) and Charline Marillier (Fra). A.Delfino, very fast the whole day, lead the race from the beginning till the end through the finish line. Behind her, C.Massara, who improved a lot her power and downhill skills, was strongly keeping the second place, but F.Conzi overtook her just before the last turn to take the silver medal. C.Marillier, couldn't catch them and finished at the fourth place, letting the 3 first places to 3 italians.

Full results available here.

The 3rd step of the WSX World cup is confirmed to be held in Villablino, Spain. More information about registration and how to organise your trip are available in the document below and on the event's website. Don't wait to register for this event, which is as well the European championships of Alpine Slalom ! 

Informations about Villablino WSX event
Informations and links about WSX Villablino
2018 01 Programa D HILL EN v1.pdf
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Italians Alice Delfino and Giorgio Cossaro win the first main stage of the WSX 2018 World Cup !


On Barcelona's challenging ramps, the main difficulty was to keep full control all along the track with the high pressure. The two italians Alice Delfino and Giorgio Cossaro were the bests at this game this time !


A.Delfino won the final for the second year in a row, against Sandrine Rangeon (Fra) who went up from the 7th qualification time up to the second place, thanks especially to her ability to pass her opponents. E.Duchemin (Fra) took the third place of the race, beating the 2017 world champion, F.Conzi (Ita) in the small final.

While Florian Petitcollin, the 2017 world champion, and 2 years barcelona extreme's defending champion, fell down in the eighth of finals, G.Cossaro, only 8th best time of the qualification round, could manage to control all the races, beating Xavier Eguino Alcazar (Per) in the final, for his first victory on a WSX main event ever ! Lucien Hugues (Fra), took the 3rd place for the second consecutive year, beating a promising young italian, Luca Borromeo, in the small final.

Full results available here.

More information is available about the IIDA-WSX 2018 World Championships !
The promotional magazine is now available describing the event, and all the side competitions that will take place around the IIDA-WSX world championships.

You can already pre-register for the competition by sending an email with your full name, country, email adress, phone number, past results to


Free accomodation can be provided by organisation for the first overseas skaters to register ! Just ask for details at the registration email adress and chack if you/your team are eligible for the free accomodation.

More to come soon !

The registration for Imagin Extrem Barcelona skatecross is open !

Connect here to secure your spot for the competition !


This year, following the wish of the organisation, the format of competition has been changed a bit comparing with last year, the track will be shorter, but with a higher density of obstacles !
Also the competition will be a ONE on ONE duel challenge !

The program of the competition should be available next week. More news coming soon.


WSX new World Championship format from 2018

A new World Championship format will appear starting in 2018 !

Some important evolutions are happening this year in the World Skate Cross Series.

For a better developpment of the sport, and to join other inline skating disciplines in 2019, starting from this year, the World Championships will be held in only one event !

All the other events will be part of the WSX World Cup, and the World Ranking will remain to have a World Cup winner (World n°1) at the end of the year.

To achieve a positive evolution, the World Skate Cross Series will now collaborate with the IIDA (International Inline Downhill Association).



The result of this collaboration will be more events in the near future, and introducing more events in downhill format like we had in the past years (Lausanne, Barcelone, Quebec,...), for additional challenges and excitement for skaters and public.

The first WSX - IIDA Skatecross World Championships, will be held in Italy, Peschiera del Garda, on July 20th to 22nd.



The first WSX World cup event, will be held this year in Barcelona, during Imagin Extreme Barcelona, on June 16th and 17th and on a new format : 1 on 1 races on a shorter downhill track (same as last year) but with more ramps for a higher racing rythm.

The links for registration will be available soon ! Stay tuned !

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