Interview with Ilya Sukhenko (Rus)

The season 2013 is just around the corner! Events list is updating with a new countries, and the first WSX event of the 2013 season has just been confirmed!
It will be held in Le Mans, France, on April 7th, 2013. Waiting for the new crazy season of Skate Cross, we decided to interview the 2012 World Champion, Ilya Sukhenko (Rus), about his feelings from the last season and his plans for the season 2013.

Ilya, you managed to finish the 2012 season with a first place in the world ranking despite tough competition and very strong opponents. What do you think about 2012? Are you satisfied with the results, what was the most memorable?

Of course i am very happy with my results! There were so many great moments the last season! For me it was very interesting to skate with all the riders, i came back with something from every competitions, improved my skating skills, met new friends, shared new experiences ...

Your main best results this year?

Victory in WSX Moscow! That time was very tough!
So many good riders from Europe and even Australia!

What was the hardest title to get, the one you are the proudest of in 2012 ?

At skate cross Ulyanovsk I was competing and filming at the same time. It was really difficult, because it was my first experience for shooting video on Steady cam. Who's been there, knows how thirsty and exhausted I was after finals =)

Which competition did you prefer ?

I think the most memorable was the trip to Beidaihe (Chn). From the beginning to the end of the china trip i could not relax: a delay of my first plane, being late for the transfer flight, waiting for the last night bus, 2 hours of sleeping, the 4th place at the qualifications, 5 or 6 false starts at one of the group in the semifinals, throwing T-shirts into the crowd,)) plus we got lost in Beijing and I almost was late for my plane: D

What are your aims for 2013? Ranking, titles, competitions, countries to visit ?

I so want to go to Europe. I dream about Marseille bowl and skatepark in Rome ^ _ ^
I also would want to go to the WSX Finals which will take place in the SMP Skatepark in Shanghai =)

Something else you would want to say ?

Thanks to all who supported me no matter what! Thanks to RollerClub! And thanks Seba skates for supporting WSX series !

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